Born in Hong Kong. Bred in Britain.

Half yellow - half white. Like scrambled egg.

My obsession with food originates from the fact that, as a child, I had Hong Kong’s vast array of cuisines swapped for Buckinghamshire’s large (albeit boring) variety of cold (soggy) sandwiches and pasta salads. So whilst I was a privileged child receiving a western education, I was really a sad child deprived of what people would call “good food”.

Later in life, lured by its bright lights and busy lifestyle, I raced to the capital to obtain my degree. And whilst my mind was in the process of finding satisfaction in life, my soul found true satisfaction in food.

Baking. Cooking. Eating.


One fateful day.

The Canon Digital SLR was introduced to me and I came to realise how enjoyable it was not only to consume the edible stuff, but also to capture the different textures, colours and the detail of many dishes I came across; and the best part was reliving the taste and smells just by gazing at the finished result.

And so I fell in love with food photography.

Lemon iced tea? 

I’ve figured lately that the key to achieving your goal and maximising your potential is to go back to the start – the basics – what you were to begin with and still are now deep down. There are so many distractions in life that weaken our determination and cause us to stray from the yellow brick road we need to follow.

So for me and food, it’s Vita Lemon Tea; that distinct kick of lemon and sugar which sends me spiralling back to my childhood in a hurricane. And for the record, nothing comes close; not Lipton Lemon Tea, not Nestea and especially not Whittard of Chelsea.

So anyway. 

As much of a perfectionist I strive to be, perfectionism doesn’t come easily to me. 

Any comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome and appreciated at all times. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading on here.

Many thanks.

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