Sunday, 13 February 2011

Cream Soda and Yakult

Although I have never been a fan of carbonated drinks, I have always loved the vanilla flavour and sweetness of Schweppes Cream Soda. When first introduced to the idea of mixing Cream Soda in a 1:1 ratio with milk, I was apprehensive of the taste and what effects it would have on my stomach; to my surprise, the result was so tasty and creamy that I have rarely had Cream Soda on its own since.

During my last visit to Hong Kong, I came across something on a café menu which looked like "Cream Soda and Yakult Slush"; after confirming this (just to make sure my Cantonese wasn't failing me), I ordered one. I am one of many who have often wondered in frustration why Yakult comes in such small bottles and why we are restrained to only one a day, so understandably, I was beyond excited to stumble across this. The mixture turned out just as creamy as the 1:1 with milk, and the probiotic nature of Yakult gave it a yoghurty flavour; the carbonation was also watered down to leave a nice subtle tang.

I was in a reminiscent mood the other weekend and decided to recreate the drink; it tasted just as good as when I first tried it. I'm aware that Yakult is not cheap to buy in the UK, but I definitely recommend this peculiar mixture to anyone who is willing to try it out; and whilst you're at it, maybe you will also try mixing milk with Pepsi as I have heard good reviews on that too.

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