Sunday, 23 January 2011

The First Few Sentences

The first few sentences are always the hardest to write, especially when it's 4.30 in the morning.

Hello and welcome to my food blog: Lemon Iced Tea (choice of title explained in About section).

Following much support and encouragement from those around me, I decided to turn my passion for food and photography into something that others can also enjoy. Bearing in mind that there were already 10,000 food blogs in 2008, I don't expect mine to be the next Orangette or David Lebovitz (i idolise that man); but I do hope that it will become my own little success.

Whether it's a restaurant I recently visited or anything else remotely related, I aim to use this space to rant on about food; maybe throw in a few recipes here and there. There is a Gallery page on here, and also a Links page with a list of the websites and blogs which have inspired me. Comments can be left all over this site, and suggestions/messages are very welcome under the Contact Me section.

Last but not least, please follow me on Twitter and take a look on my Flickr.

My blog will be disorganised at times, especially when I am just getting started; so please be patient and turn a blind eye to this ... along with any other spelling/grammatical errors and typos.

Then maybe one day, every one of my visitors will want to subscribe :)

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